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Post links if you know of any to AMAZING live performances by music artists, they have to be something really special and you didn't neccesarily have to be there (although if you were do say).

I was just looking through my favourites list having a tidy up and came across this link again, thought I would share just in case you didn't see Live 8...

YouTube - Annie Lennox - Why (Live At Live 8 London)

Still gives me a lump in my throat!


As soon as she sung the word WHY I got shivers all over.

I love Annie Lennox - Some fabulous songs.


Aussie Floyd

The Australian Pink Floyd Show,

I have seen these guys at least once each year for the past 6 or 7 years, would never miss an opertunity to see the show, if you are ( or even if your not) a Pink Floyd fan, go see them.
The Australian Pink Floyd Show

You Tube Video