Am i doing the right degree? Whats required for MA Graphics


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Hi all,

I'm in my first year of my degree which is a BA Digital Media, and i chose to do this so i could learn a bit of everything to do with designing, and so far its going really well with good grades.
My question i guess is for a MA in Graphic design how much graphic design is expected? would it be an idea for me to change degree in my 3rd year (its a little late for my 2nd year now) to a BA Graphic Design degree, or will it be fine to carry on as I am and finish my degree, whilst doing extra summer schools and getting whatever i work experience i can get?

I know an MA isn't exactly needed, but i'd like to end up in some form of multi-disciplinary design and it is something i would LIKE to do. I know i dont have to but it seems a good way to show a broad range of skills, whilst being focused in graphics.

Thank you for replying in advance its going to put my mind at so much ease!