Am I doing it right?


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I am a graphic designer who has recently started making websites in Wordpress. I made my own around two years ago, I want to get clients and also send it to potential employers.
I want to know if it is good enough. I feel like I am missing something. Any opinions?

I am looking forward to your replies, thank you in advance.

Website :

Thank you!


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Don't use divi and don't use a page builder.

If you want to build sites using Wordpress you really need to dig into the code and understand how it works. The fewer plugins you use the better - add the necessary features to functions.php as this will make a huge difference to the page load speed.

Site sort of looks OK but it's slooooow.

Google scores you 1/100:

Fix that and you will have a much better site.

Each of your portfolio projects needs it's own page where you tell the story.

You need a call to action on every page.

I'd drop the SM links - you want people to come from those sites not too those sites.


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Valid points from fisicx, especially agree that each portfolio project should link to it's own page (or the actual website). An immediately visible Call-To-Action ("Contact Me", "Find out More", "Hire Me", etc..) could help convert visitors into clients more quickly.

However, your designs are very clear, the media is all high quality and you've obviously got a good eye for colour.