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So I have recently just started to form an idea of my own Graphic Design studio/agency and it would be great if anyone could give me any tips/help.

Here is a link to my social media and also my blogspot :)

I would really appreciate it if you could give me any feedback and follow me :)

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Try to get a friend to take a photo of you. Just as it looks a bit more professional than a selfie :)
Eventually try to have your own website that you own, so you can take control of the content and blog, as opposed to having your content spread out on different sites, that they own and control. If they ever go down or change their ownership rights etc, you might lose the visitors etc you get from there.

Also if you have your own website you can start targeting for keywords on Google etc, much harder to do on Facebook etc alone.

In the short term you need to get noticed on design bogs, and sharing your work. If you design something in a highly original way you will get more attention and links back to your profiles and blog. Perhaps you could design something in your local area that would get local press attention as well, and let them know about it.

Good luck!