Alternate Font Suggestions, please!


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Hi all,

A client kind of likes the attached font, so I'm trying to dig out some variations on it for us to start forming a logo.

Can anyway suggest fonts similar to this one? It's Sleepy Hollow, btw, from


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Yeah, copyright is an issue. Mostly though, the client KIND OF likes it. So I need to explore around it, really.
Many thanks for your suggestions, C. Apocalypse is pretty cool, ta.

After a talk with the client today, my next step, I think, is to actually draw up something from more-or-less scratch.

Out with the graphics tablet! :icon_biggrin:
Good luck with it - hope they're happy in the end.

One of my hates is "I don't really know if I like it, I don't know what I want to be honest" I don't know shouldn't exist lol

As I say, good luck :icon_thumbup:
I know just what you mean, Curtis! Thanks mate. I'm pretty confident about cracking it though, thank goodness (famous last words!).

Hey - you're in Hull. I just picked up a new client there. Web dev though, not graphics. It was their graphics guy put me on to them.
Cool. Hope that goes well for you - had some trouble with people in my area (not bad trouble lol) just that often they expect things to be cheaper than they are. And I consider my prices to be fairly cheap.

But if they're graphics themselves, should be fine :icon_biggrin: