All materials for work - FREE- if you share


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First of all big HI to this community ,

I saw lots of people trying to find some free stock photos, illustrations etc everywhere for web, lots of links of different stock pages are posted and we just started multimedia-stock community which is based on sharing all kinds of free creative materials between people and maybe it can help you all.

So help others to help you. If you have your own photos, vectors, 3d models, web templates, sound effects and any other creative works which are just waiting to be proudly presented to other people, please feel free to upload it and share it on Multimedia-stock.
We are trying to produce claimed merchandise unavoidable in designers or advertising world.

My dear people….we all have many things on our hard disks what will die with next formatting a hard drive and what maybe can help someone in his work.

share everything
Vectors – arrows, hearts, stars everything what you think it can be useful
Photos, Pictures – isolated billboard with path included, traffics sings – who does not need that?

It’s easy, everything is free and we trying to have really quality creative materials. Only registration is requested.
Etc, etc…..i think you got my point

Like I said, we just started, so any suggestion, nice word about is more than welcome.

I honestly hope others will understand need for site like and finally start to share their materials....

Oh I forgot to tell,
our banners on are still free for active user on site so if anyone (this community as well) need free advert on our site he just need to upload some materials and depend of numbers of materials/activity he is able to pick between small, side or big banner.

Thank you all in advance for your support...I hope this web page will help you all and please
Create you share and share your creativity….

best regards from Croatia - absolutely free global multimedia share

p.s. I honestly hope this post is not "spam". I hope it can help, I mean I am working as hell everyday on to become really helpful