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Hi, I'm after a bit of advice here :)

basically I'm needing to create a jersey design for my sports team (paintball) . .
some similair style designs can be seen at

I can do the designing on AI its no trouble for me ...but to do the design, I need the jersey template + the sponsership logos .. all in Vector format of course.

How would I go about this? do I live trace them or is there any other way of vectorising them to gain workability

all comments are greatly appreciated! =) thanks
No don't trace them! If they are sponsors then you need to use the originals wherever possible. Some logos have guidelines to adhere to in terms of colour, size, placement, logo breathing space, etc.

I would advise you to get your sponsors to supply you with the original logos and any guidelines that accompany them. It's just a safer way of doing things. You don't want to get into hot water after the jerseys have been printed and you've spent your money.

As far as templates and advice goes have a look at the link below
Thanks for the help..

No the brands are paintball brands so not really well known enough to be on that website :)

thanks for the PDF on templates etc, although my main problem is that the template I can only get as a CDR. or JPG. :icon_scared:
Erm, I'm not sure I can, the logo is for the company 'Dye Precision' there are others that are ready to be printed on so I don't mind about those. the logo is weird and I wouldn't know how to go about tracing it.
Oh sorry. I thought you meant you could only get jpeg shirt templates.

Have you tried contacting them? They will probably release the logos to you if it means they will get promotion through the logo usage.
Hey, :)

Well the templates are on this page ...

Animal Paintball | CUSTOM | TEAM DISCOUNTS

I'm not sure I can open any of these straight into AI ?

and as for the logos, yes I will contact them on sunday (when I meet my team) .. I had no idea companies supplied logos for the public but it does make sense.

a guy I know it handy with illustrator and this is the sorta thing I'm looking for ..although he uses a different companies template ..

Imageshack - 41821092730545515093195.jpg

Thanks again for the help!
The EPS files on that list - they will open in Illustrator. Probably the CDR ones will too (CorelDraw). PSD ones too would work if you placed them in an Illustrator file. Have you not tried to do this before posting?
I second what djb said.

All I would add is try to use the jpg's and bitmaps sparingly if you need to blow them up and try to stick to vectors. If youre only using them as templates thats fine.

if the person you have doing them knows Illustrator then he will know that.

All the best.
I tried opening the CDR. formats template which wasn't recognized , and the EPS doesnt have a paintball template although I contacted them and they didn't have one.

I tried tracing a template with bad results, although when I downloading the full photoshop template, enlarged it then traced with with less threshold the result is perfect so my template worries are gone! :) thanks a lot everyone, and as for the logos, well hopefully I can get them from the companies!