.ai File Issue

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I have been supplied with a .ai file today, which I can open in Illustrator CS5 with no problems, however if I export to PDF it is just a blank page, if I export as .eps and re-open the file it is just a blank page, if I open the original .ai file in Photoshop it is just a blank page, any ideas?
Usually the best course of action when a file gets corrupted like that.

Similar workflow could apply to Adobe Indesign if pages are not functioning properly, copying them to a new file usually resolves most issues like these.
Yeah, we've seen a that a time or two as well.

Usually related to transparency or Layers palette issues, but your solution above is the only thing that usually either fixes it, or allows us to pull the file apart a bit more to try and see which element(s) is causing it in the first place. Have actually seen it recently with a dicky, placed file (an embedded Grayscale Tiff) sitting on a background layer, coloured and Locked, is one off the top of my head.