I've just posted in the thread about the usage of Helvetica and it's over-used self and have decided to finally introduce myself.

This thread also contains an overuse. The word "HELLO!"

So seeing as the recent trend seems to be leaning towards delivering something different. I say...

"AHOY! to all"
(Apparently Mr Bell originally wanted to use this word to answer the telephone).

Anyway, i've been lurking around the forums for the past month or so and have now decided to start posting amongst you guys. You've gained my trust!

I work for an expanding company in Stevenage that specialises in Print, Graphic Design, Branding and offering Marketing Solutions.

It's an exciting time for us and i'm looking to expand our web presence whilst meeting some people who are working with the industry.

I'm excited to share experiences and learn alongside fellow posters.

So again i'll say, AHOY!!