Ageism in Graphic Design?


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Hello all

I am collecting primary research for my University degree design project report.

What are your views of ageism on the design industry? Does it exist? Has anyone suffered from age discrimination in the industry or the workplace in general?

All comments are welcome and I'm more than happy for them to be made anonymously.

This is a voluntary exercise; all information gathered will be treated in the strictest of confidence and will remain anonymous. The information gathered will be used only for the purpose of my research project as part of my University Graphic Design Degree. Any information gathered will not be passed to third parties.
Age discrimination is meant to be against the law much like most other forms of discrimination, but age discrimination most definitely exists. This goes for both the young and 'old' by the way. The obvious thought process behind age discrimination is that young people will be more up to date with the most current 'goings on,' what's 'in' and what's not; while older people will be more experienced. Well the fact of the matter is, as the saying goes; Youth does not guarantee innovation and age does not guarantee experience.