Advise on cutting a large roll into smaller rolls for a large format printer


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So I do some large format printing on a 42" printer and a 24" printer.

I like to print on a particular type of paper that I can only source on 60" rolls.

So what I have to do is chop off one end of the roll that I want to the exact width I need it.

My problem is that I've been doing this by hand using a saw for a while to I get a relatively clean edge, it loads fine and prints good, but I can only use one end of the roll, as the edge is now rough on the offcut and the printer won't load it.

I tried using a circular saw at home as well to get the angle perfectly perpendicular, but the cut is rougher than a hand saw and I still can't get it at a perfect 90 degree angle so the offcut is still no good.

Can anyone advise on where I might be able to go to get it professionally cut at an exact angle with an excellent finish so I can utilise the rest of the rolls? I'm thinking some kind of laser cutting? I'm not too sure...
Hot foil printers use a spinning razor blade type cutter to cut rols of foil (they're bloody tough). Perhaps its an avenue to investigate?
Give Papergraphics a ring. They own a converters who'll split large rolls down to any size you like. Won't be financially worthwhile in small numbers I wouldn't have thought, but worth a look.