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Hi All,

I'm starting my own Wedding Stationery business and I'm looking for a quality supplier of specialist papers in the UK. At the moment, most suppliers I can find either only offer card stock in the various textures that only go up to ~300gsm, or they're large suppliers offering card stock that I'm looking for (350gsm+) but from the looks of it they supply in volumes that I don't want - i.e. a huge roll of paper instead of cut sheets for example.

Any ideas on suppliers? As mentioned, I'm hoping to use various textures of card 350+gsm for digital printing, and hopefully in the future use the same supplier for paper for Letterpressing.

Check out

Thanks for the suggestion. I've taken a look at them - seems like they only offer only card stock in region of 300 - 350gsm only. Quite hard to find a supplier that offers any more than that - but they must exist? Surely??
You could email them and ask them if they do heavier stocks?

Have you rang some local paper suppliers? If they don't have what you're looking for they most likely will know who has.
Make sure you can actually print on to something that weight, especially if it's textured too, that's probably why you're struggling to find any.
I think after about 400gsm you're moving away from lithogrpahic/digital printing and more into flexography or screen printing.
According to the printer that I've got, it can print on up to 1000gsm (Epson 3880). I've never tried to do it yet, but it's something that I'm exploring and researching as part of the "setting up my business" step. I want to find at least one (maybe 2) good and reliable suppliers of card and get to work sampling different types of card for quality and seeing which of my designs suit which types of card. The Letterpressing will come much further down the line.

I've contacted a few suppliers and just waiting for a few replies so far.
Try contacting GF Smith - they may direct you to a paper merchant (paperlinx for example) but GF Smith supply Colourplan and all sorts of textures and special finish papers. Colourplan (actually spelt Colorplan) goes up to 700gsm. Website is I have always found them to be extremely helpful.
Hi All,

Thanks for all the responses. Just a little update - Contacted the James Cropper paper mill regarding paper orders above ~300gsm and they directed me to their retail arm of Papermilldirect. Contacted them, and they informed me that they don't supply anything above ~300gsm, but they did direct me to gfsmith too. I stumbled upon Colorplan before this, and they do seem to be my best bet. I'll get in touch with them for a few samples, and I've also seen a few retailers on eBay selling colorplan card at 540gsm which would be a good start and a reasonable price to sample the quality. I don't really want to order 25 sheets of SRA1 paper from gfsmith only to discover that it's not great on the Epson 3880.

Anyone have any experience with Colorplan card at all on Pro Epson Inkjets?
Try phoning GF Smith direct and ask for samples. They may only send A4 but that should be enough to try. I have an Epsom Pro-4000 but never tried to use much other than standard roll paper! Let us know how it goes.