Advice Please?


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Hi, I am looking to achieve a funny 'hall of mirrors' type effect with an image. I need to use a picture of a fat person and turn them skinny in an unrealistic comedic way with as few steps and as simply as possible. I have been using the liquify tool (opposite to bloat) to move in the centre of the image but it hasn't achieved quite the funny 'hall of mirrors' effect I am looking for. Any help would be really appreciated thank you! :)
I'd personally just keep playing around with the liquify tool, though you could try warping the image a bit using the warp tool. I believe you can find it through Edit > Transform > Warp (though I'm going from memory so it may be wrong). It basically adds a mesh over the image and you can pull points around to deform the layer.

Mastering the liquify tool is probably your best bet though.