Advice on what QHD/4K hardware and monitors to buy.


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Hi guys. This is my first post:)

I just started a graphic design company and I need advice on what hardware to buy and equipment.
We Mostly use creative cloud. Illustrator, after affects, in design.

Monitors has to be at least QHD 30+, Do I need adobe rgb?

Don't really mind Mac. But I'm more of pc person.

Don't really have a budget.
That's a pretty decent monitor but don't you think it is a bit expensive? I bought my 4k Monitor for just £381.99 at, an online shop. Though the brand is not really popular, but still, it works pretty well. You can check them online at: Electronics

P.S. The monitors they sell are discounted that's why I got it for less. :icon_biggrin: