Advice on Usage of a font...


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Hey everyone, I want to create a logo for a client using a particular free font, however it's unclear whether or not it is okay for commercial use. This is what it says:

"Manfred’s fonts are free for private and charity use. They are even free for commercial use – but if there’s any profit, pls make a donation to organizations like Doctors Without Borders.

These fonts can NOT be included in any compilation CDs, disks or products, either commercial or shareware unless prior permission granted."

It's the last bit I'm unclear about as it mentions not using in 'products'. I have attempted to contact numerous sites and the author and have had no reply! Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks A
Basically they mean sticking it with a load of other fonts, putting it on a cd, disk or product (website maybe) and then flogging it.

It's fine to use - just maybe do as they say and give a donation!
Ah I see...I did think that might have been what they meant but I felt it was a bit misleading! Thank you for clearing that up for me!! :D