Advice on Pricing and Approaching Agencies


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Hi Guys,

I know this is a design forum but I was hoping you might have some valuable advice.

I started freelancing about two years ago offering web design and hosting etc.

I am not much of a designer as my portfolio will show you.


I have recently made the decision that I would prefer to focus on my coding ability rather than building complete websites.

So I have been trying to break into PSD conversion.

I have bid on a few jobs on Elance and PeoplePerHour and managed to get myself 3 regular clients from this route. The problem with freelancing websites is you end up working for peanuts.

So I want to advertise my services to agencies and other freelancers directly but I am unsure about what I should be charging and exactly how to approach agencies.

Any advice about breaking into this market would be greatly appreciated.

Do any of you guys use a PSD conversion service if so what kind of price is reasonable.

Sorry for being a bit vague I just want to make sure I do the groundwork correctly.



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Hey you can check people of your same fields on linked-in like professional site and i think you can do direct conversion over there with people and would get prompt reply and also u can directly chat with them. M not sure my reply is how much useful to you but what i get from your massage i replied according that as i dont have much knowledge regarding what u asked

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I don't know what sort of price is acceptable for an agency... maybe around the £25-30 an hour? Just a guess though!

I find the best way to get into agencies is to go on Google or Yell and search for the type of companies you want to work for (ie design agencies), in the area you want to work, then pick up the phone and ring around. Some will want to have a chat with you but most will ask you to send your portfolio (or I guess in a developers case a list of the websites you've coded?) and your rates via email, then fingers crossed they might invite you in for a chat.

I find the phone approach better than just firing out a generic email because you have already had some interaction with someone and they'll remember that you've called. It might feel a bit awkward at first but you'll get confident once you've done it a few times.