Advice on next laptop...

So the Sony Vaio is struggling and tbh we've never been overly sold on it...

Understand its unusual to be a PC based design agency but we've never really got round to changing over, we now have a iMac in the office but due to the rest being PC its rarely used, the setup costs when starting the business were a lot cheaper buying PC hardware and software.

Is the advice to go Macbook now? or can anyone suggest a good laptop for use with Adobe and 3D modelling software? what we should look out for? must be 17" as work on majority of the time... would like something light and slimline if out there? budget approx £1000...

Mac/PC debate, round 5,224,057 - Fight!

That aside (or to fan the flames - not sure), I'd also be interested in recommendations for a good, non-Mac design laptop.
I always advise people to get a mac, but I can never give them a good reason why. I only have experience on a Pc version of the Creative Suite in 2004 or 5, no idea what suite that was but it was god awful. I'm sure it's probably a lot better now.

I suppose the only good reason I have for choosing Mac over Pc is that most other design related people use a Mac, so using a Mac yourself would make things like saving files for both Pc and Mac easier. Even that isn't that much of an issue any more.

So, no real reason, but go for a Mac. :)
Tbh, it doesn't matter which system you use, once you're into the software it's all pretty much the same. The only time i can see being a non apple user would be a disadvantage, is if you were to go for a job where the company expected you to be mac literate. But from the sounds of it that's not likely to be an issue for you.
I think the OP got it right on this score: cheaper set up and every bit as good in terms of experience if the build is right.