Advice on gift card printing


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One of my clients is asking me to look into getting some gift cards done for her on top of her new business cards and logo.

She's a beauty therapist that specialises in hollistics - Everything else is under way but I'm a little stumped about the gift card. I feel a standard printed 250-400gsm just won't cut it.

What you guys reckon? Is it worthwhile venturing into the more expensive world of foiling and what not?

She has a budget of around £250 for the gift cards and it isn't something she sells a great deal of however she needs to make sure it does look the part. Bare minimum would be 100 / £2.50 a pop - given the gift treatment is worth £25 pounds.

They are much cheaper then I thought - I actually didn't even think of these! haha

Suppose I could get some nice cards printed with them for them to be tucked in. By the off chance you wouldn't know what that 'translucent sticky plastic like blobby glue' is that they usually use to stick DVDs to magazines etc? - That would be really useful in this situation!

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Your client could get 250 plastic gift cards printed in full colour with sequential numbering or barcode for £160 from Plastic Gift Cards Printing | Gift Card Printing > By Harry Bugg they'll even print some for her to approve first.

I seems to me that too few retailers actually make customers aware they can buy gift cards, they're often hidden behind the counter. She could consider displaying some of the cards using these Business Card Holders : Business Card Holders & Business Card Stands