Advice on creating effect in illustrator

Hi guys,

I am currently working on an identity for a cool little independent barber shop just around the corner from where i live.

I want to trial an effect, what i want is the barbershop pole and colours in a ring circling the main focus of the design.

But cannot for the life of me get the lines to look right as they need to swirl around the ring as if they would on the pole and the perspective is making the lines going towards the outer ring wider?! :icon_confused:

If anyone know of a way i can create this or an effect/tool that will help please let us know,

I have attached the ring with guides on highlighting where i want the barber shop pole to be and an example of how the lines on the pole appear.

All help truly appreciated.

FORUM-ADVICE.jpgScreen shot 2012-06-01 at 10.39.49.jpg
Hi Kate,

You see how the barbers pole has the blue, red and white stripe i want to create this effect around the ring illustrated.

So instead of the pole going vertically and ending it will be 360 degrees with no end.
In illustrator, draw the segments in one long line then select them all and create a new art brush. Draw the shape you want and apply the new brush to the stroke. hey presto you have your barbershop bands going round a circle.

p.s. You may need to play with the brush a little to get it right
Spotty, i want the stripes to be rotating the centre point of the circle and to look as if they are wrapped around the ring as in the barbershop pole shown.

Big Dave, ill have a try at that, thanks for the advice.