Advice on creating a web portfolio from nothing?!?


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Hi I wonder if anyone could help?:icon_notworthy: I am just about to start a part time web design course for ten weeks at my local college just to get me started. But I need to build up a portfolio of work so I can show potential employers and clients what I can do, does anyone know how I would go about this?? should I offer to do websites for free?? is there any good websites that I can advertise myself???

Any help would be really appreciated!!!
I don't understand what you mean, are you saying you want to build a portfolio of websites that you have designed? or, build a portfolio website to showcase your design work?
Sorry if i confused you, I mean I am starting from the very bottom and I am looking to build a portfolio and wanted to know if anyone had any advice as to how I go about this?? where to look for potential clients?? should I offer to do websites for friends, family etc to build up my work.(I will be creating my own website of course as a first step)

Sorry does that make anymore sense??:icon_smile:
How can you build a portfolio if you haven't learned any website design skills yet? I think you should concentrate on your course first and see how you get on...don't run before you can walk etc :icon_smile:
Cool I guess you are right!, I am from print/repro background so I am not a complete novice to the design industry, Just determined to succeed and to hit the ground running, and a bit excited!!

Thanks for advice will take it on board!!!!!
Once you have done your course and learnt the basics, build up your portfolio by doing freebies for friends and family, maybe find some local charities to build websites for. I'm stating the obvious that the market is swamped with web designers, and you won't be able to get paying clients with an empty portfolio. Any website you advertise on will be swamped with web designers too. Concentrate on your local area, where there's less competition to deal with.
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Best people to work for free for

I think friends and family is best if you have any people in the family in business. That way you get to help each other out.

If you haven't got any friends or family you can help out why not offer your services for free to a web development firm.

That way you get to impress someone who may just outsource to you in the future on a regular paid basis if you impress them enough, at the same time as building a portfolio.

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