Advice on clients changing your logo?


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Hi I'd like a bit of advice please.

I recently designed a logo for a friend of mine who is starting up a business. He was really happy with the work and so I sent him over the final logo etc. However I recently went on his website and realised he has changed my logo. (into something which quite frankly looks horrendous-3D rendering, gradients and other awful things) I'm quite annoyed about this as he has basically butchered my idea... I have expressed from a graphic designers point of view reasons why I don't think him changing the logo works, but he isn't paying any attention to it. I'm not really happy about him using my work in this way? Can he do what he wants to my work? Ideally I'd like withdraw my logo if hes using it in this way-or should I just admit defeat and just leave it?

Im fresh out of uni so not sure where I stand with issues like this so any advice would be much appreciated.
I guess it's all down to what you have agreed.
I'm assuming as he is your friend that there were no contracts that contained any small print.

At Toppers when someone asks us to design them a logo, as long as they have paid for it, the logo is rightfully theirs.

However, we place restrictions of being able to edit the logo unless they pay an extra fee which will give them the full licensing to the logo.

It's all about what you agree in the first instance.
Try not to take it personally, it should make you realise that you have a proper eye for design. Clients can ask for some weird stuff, its unfortunate you didn't have any say in the changes he made.
Just keep the nice one for your portfolio and hope your friend isn't keen on promoting your work :icon_smile: