Advice on a client wanting a logo like another existing logo.


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Hi there,

I am designing a logo for a client at the moment. He has shown me an existing logo he likes and asked if I can do him one in the same style, but with his company name on. I'm just wondering if I will be infringing on any copyright laws if it looks too similar to the example he has given. How different does an image have to look so that it is not considered to be copying someone else's work?

Any advice much appreciated!

I think you can definately borrow ideas from other logos, like all good artists do.... but outright copying is another matter....
yes using the style of other logos is absolutely fine, but if the design gets too similar to the other logo then their could be problems. Just don't copy any recognisable content
Ask the client what it is about that existing logo that they like, and then try and use that to create something unique for them.
The simple rule with copyright is not to copy, but what does that mean?

Generally, it means not taking the substantial part of somebody else's skill and labour, but copying the
general style or idea is usually okay as long as your execution is different - in other words, yours is a different original work.

That is from a copyright perspective, but from a trade mark and passing off point of view the client should be careful that a similar style or idea is not going to lead to a likelihood of confusion - so taking a logo used in the same industry as your starting part for inspiration is not usually a good idea.

Our website has a lot of free information on trade marks, copyright, design rights, and patents.