Advice for printing an old map scroll


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We're almost finished with artwork and need to figure out the printing part.

We are interested in printing on high quality paper suitable for an old map. The paper type we are looking for should be heavy paper (e.g. 170gsm) that appears old but durable (e.g. pergamenata) like a treasure map. It should not be glossy nor feel too modern but it can be smooth. It should be able to hold quality image resolution so I don't know if rag paper would work.

Do you guys have ideas? Can you suggest some printers or paper suppliers?
Assuming you're going to roll this up and want the effect to remain, your biggest issue is the reverse of the media - not the printed side. Look in to the watercolour type papers, Somerset Velvet or similar, and aim for one with a terrible white point - almost cream with a texture. Otherwise the clean white back will ruin your effect.

If you outline how many, and at what size you're after, you'll get plenty of suggestions.