Adobe Illustrator Trace Tool Help

Hi All,

Im updating a Logo and need to redraw it in Illy as they have lost the Illy file. For some reason I'm finding it quite difficult to draw percisely with the pen tool. Its just not as perfect as I'd like it to be. The shape is a three breasted crest/emblem and I can't seem to find away to draw each part totally equally and rotating it doesnt work. I was wondering what the best settings are for the trace tool. All the preset ones aren't bringing the results I need. Any advice would be great!


Post the image up here and we'll suggest a way to do it. The live trace tool isn't very reliable, and requires a virgin to be sacrificed before a full moon in order to get the results you want.
Paul's right. Load it up and we'll have a look. Some graphics just aren't suited to the live trace tool, but you never know; a few wee tweaks and you could be there.
Hi Guys,

I ended up persevering with it! SoI'm sorted! Although I am still pretty angry at the Live Trace tool!! When does it actually work? Want to have a play around with it to see what its all about! Going to take some doodles with me into my parttime (nongraphic) job to use the scanner and see if it actually traces!

Thanks for replying!
I managed to use the Live Trace tool to do exactly what I wanted just once. I was vectorising a QR code which wasn't the most taxing of jobs :p

I've found it's best used in stages. Get one section looking good, then use a copy of the original image and work on a different section and so on, until you have all you need. Generally though it's often better to just do it by hand since you get a more controlled finish and a huge sense of accomplishment when you do it :D
Clarke, I always do, of course. This was a job to update the company's brand identity in house, they lost everything on their hard drive a few months back. The original logo was 15 years ago too so no help there either!