Adobe Illustrator query


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Hi everyone, can you help. I'm a recent graduate. I'm creating a t-shirt design with some 3D text in illustrator. I get this error message "path self-intersection may have occured" and some of the points due to the 3D extrude and bevel effect, look broken. The problem is the client likes and needs to use this font but obviously there are areas of the font that are possibly colliding. Is there a way around in illustrator? Should I amend in another program like photoshop?



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What is the font your trying to use? Can you upload other screenshots like the settings you used for the Extrude and Bevel and the flat artwork before going in to the 3D panel?

Paul Murray

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As a work around I'd explode the text and then use the 3D filter on each letter one at a time, then position them as you need to. I always find the Illustrator 3D to be a bit of a faff to be honest.