Adobe Illustrator jpeg to vector error!!!


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Hi guys,

I am hopeing you are able to help.

I have started using Adobe Illustrator (today so please be kind!!! :icon_smile:) I am trying to convert our company logo, which is a simple 3 colour line drawing. When I try and convert it and error occurs stating "The operation cannot complete because of an unknown error [CANT]" - screen grab attached.

The process I am currently following is: Open new doc, 'Place' the logo into the document, select the logo, select 'Image Trace' - 'Default'. It attempts to do it but at the end of the process it comes up with the above error. We have the logo in JPEG, PNG and PDF and I have tried all 3 version but the same error occurs each time.

If you can give any advise it would be a huge benefit!!!

Thank you all in advance.



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Have you tried opening the pdf through illustrator…might be easier/better result.

Hi bonsdes,

Thank you for coming back to me.

When I open it from the PDF into Illustrator. Even when it is selected I am do not get the trace option. I found than another way to do it is to go 'Window' - 'Image Trace' however, this is all shaded out not allowing me to select anything when the image is selected...


That is strange, I'm not sure what could be causing this. What size is the file(s) you are working with?
All done, please PM me your e-mail address to send the file.

What I had to do was re-save the file and then place it in Illustrator and work from there.