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We are about to launch our online ordering and a whole array of exciting offers and products.
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We need some love too, sob sob:

Basically, myself and my partner currently work full time (me as a graphic designer, him as an I.T engineer), and we are slowly but surely setting up to be self employed offering web, print and sound design (yes, sound, the boy is rather good with the music and it's something we feel fits in).

We're in the process of re-designing our website (seems to keep getting put on the bottom of the pile as more work comes in haha!) but we have managed to set up a blog and a Twitter account where we would really love it if some of you guys came and showed us some love.

Blog: ErroZero – Web/Print/Sound | Design Company based in Liverpool

Twitter: ErroZero (errozerodesign) on Twitter




Just new to the twitter scene - any tips on how to increase your followers apart from the obvious? (Threads like this, linking social network profiles etc...)


Paul Murray

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I recommend making use of hashtags to help people find your posts (particularly useful if you're publishing blog posts). People can set up searches that will display any tweet that features a keyword that they're searching for, for example #illustration or #designjobs.

Just try and think "what are the most logical hashtags to use for my tweet", for example #bloggingtips #graphicdesign (or #graphic #design, which may reach a wider audience since it's two keywords).

You could also take a look at what's trending and tweet about those (if it's something you're interested in).

My followers aren't particularly high but I do notice that the count increases after tweeting using hashtag keywords.


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@ownbeatcreative - this is mainly blog posts and design design/web stuff

@kieownbeat -personal ramblings

I'm going to trawl back through the last eight pages and add people!!