Acceptance of Quote form?

Just had a nice big 3D Modelling job come in for a relatively new client, I have heard some rumours about bad / late payment from this guy but i have dealt with before and they have always been fine, but this job is far bigger and i'd like a little back-up in the form of a "Acceptance of Quote" form that i can get them to sign etc?

Is there such a thing? Has anyone got one i could see and use as a template for our company?

appreciate any help
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Not sure if this is what your after but I used this book a long time ago. It might give you ideas to adapt. It is slightly old now and is aimed at the American market but well worth a look if you need some background knowledge on setting-up a variety of different forms.

Business Legal Forms for Graphic Designers
ISBN: 1581152744 (printed 2003)

Form 23 talks about a Project Confirmation Agreement. There is a section under the "Grant of Rights" which may benefit you. It talks about not granting rights to the client until receipt of full payment is met. The rights will be held by the designer/company until the job is complete (which will protect the artwork from illegal use). You can then expand on this to tailor it to the specific job. Hope it helps :icon_smile: