A6 card flyer advice


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Hey, I'm pretty new to ordering large printing productions and so I would like some advice. As it stands with my University Society we need to print 5000 A6 card flyers for a Freshers event later in the year. Last year, the person previously in my position used Vistaprint, which would cost us around £100 for a double side design. However as a student society it would be preferable to have a cheaper option. From browsing this website I have found that Printing of Business Cards, Letterheads, Flyers - Stationery Direct seems to be the most reasonable choice at around £86. However I would love to have some additional advice. If need be, I can post the new design if you wish. Thank-you in advance for any advice.
Ah sorry, I was wondering if I wanted some medium quality card A6 doublesided leaflets, where best would it be to get them printed?

And would most places take two .pdn files as the back and front image? Or is there a better way of supplying said images.