A0 Double sided colour prints needed.


Hey guys, I'm hoping someone can point me to a printer who can do double sided, A0 colour prints. I was going to screen print the work myself but now don't have time, so I'm looking for a digital alternative. I understand that a lot A0 prints are done off the roll, so it's hard to feed them back in? but any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hey sorry I should have mentioned in the OP. I need 3 prints, with a paper that's as low gsm as possible (it's going to be folded like a map) with a matt finish.
Many thanks!

Edit: Yellow coloured paper would be even better, but I thought the odds of this would be pretty low...!
Thanks for the recommendation, we gave them a ring but the boss wasn't in, they're going to get back to us today! (they were very friendly as you said though)