A very sad day....:(


Well.... I have officially given up my office so it can become a bedroom again.

I'm now at a loss as to where to do my work/store all my crap. As we speak, I'm sat on the couch with my laptop, but it just doesn't feel right.

I don't think the dining room is a viable option, the hubby won't let me near the garage and the loft is too far from the kitchen. At this rate I'm going to end up under the stairs in the cupboard :icon_crying:
you've got four options that i can see.
1- Pester/bribe/blackmail the hubster to let you loose in the garage.
2- Install a sink and power points in the attic
3- Dress like a broom
4- Buy a shed/summer house for the garden

Hope you get some space back soon!


Harry Potter didn't suffer too badly in the stairs cupbaord did he? I mean he still grew, progessed and managed to maintain his creativity ;)

Hope you manage to sort it out Helen. Our dining room is the office in this household and the dining room suite is plonked in the lounge. Would happily knock out some walls to fit it all properly.


D'ya know... I would love a cellar! Though the lack on natural light might put a dampener on things.

Although, if we did have one, himself would turn round and say "this would be soooo cool for a pool table and a bar!"

I'm working on getting a desk in the dining room..... just bought hubby and the kids a desktop pc and put it on the side board..... hopefully he is going to turn round and say we need a desk to put it on!
that's a very cunning plan! once the desk is in, they can use the laptop on their laps!!! (slight clue to the location in the title!)
Yea don't knock under the stairs, I've had many creative ideas pop out of nowhere, following a bashed head, it's amazing.
I've always said, that if I was a freelancer, I'd live in starbux and (ab)use their wireless facilities. Although I don't have the joy of looking after children!

Working in the dining room is apt, suits your graphics alias, design diner.:icon_tongue_smilie: