A question on apprenticeships/internships?

This is quite a quick question, is it easy or even possible to find a graphic design apprenticeship after finishing college? I'm doing a Extended Level 3 Diploma in Graphic Design, it's a two year course and I'm nearing the end of my first year. I would even be interested in Internships, it's just the fact of every where I look they want people fresh from Uni and not college.

So in short; is it hear of that college leavers can get apprenticeships/internships in the field?

Thanks in advance! :D
@BigDave: I'm currently living in Manchester, I really like the idea of presenting myself in not a traditional way. What that guy did was impressive!
I would even be happy to 'volunteer' for a couple of weeks just to get a taste of the industry, the question was asked because I'm questioning going to University so looking for other routes up the Graphic Design ladder!

Thanks for your time & response BigDave :D
If you think you could find digs for a week in York then it'd be worth contacting Choir of Vision. I'm not sure how heavily subscribed their internships currently are but I'm sure if you drop them your CV and samples Jack will be in touch. [email protected]

p.s. if you mention you like pugs & drinking Gin you'll be guaranteed to get in! lol.... That was a joke! dont!... just ignore this line completely! lol
Haha, Pugs and Gin - got it :p

It's coming up to our summer break at college so I've got 6 weeks of doing nothing ahead of me, so I'll definitely drop him an e-mail - even a week just shadowing over someone and making coffees, I'd be amazed to be close to a real designer doing real design and seeing the process (sounding slightly geeky) ;)
Thanks again, you've been a massive help! :)
No worries. I was chatting to Jack last night so he's expecting an email at some point. If you get a placement with them, the real treat will be seeing the hive of activity that is their office!! There's a web development company, a photography agency, the graphic designers and a social media business all working together in what can only be described as the most amazing office you've ever seen!!
Just email studios who's work you like and ask for work placement. Tell them honestly what you want to get out of your time there. There's loads of agencies and studios in Manchester that are happy to take on interns, but competition is fierce, and many are more interested in taking on 3rd years/graduates than 1st/2nd year/college students.

Just ask though, you may be surprised, and you learn loads more from a placement than you do from just doing briefs on your course. The experience is essential for when you graduate too, so get in early. One of the guys on my course recently did a 4 day placement in London and ended up coming up with a new Magners advert (though apparently one of the designers in the studio tried to pass it off as her own idea, bitch).
Internship Design

It found it quite hard last year to find a design internship. I was looking only in London but still! I ended applying at Internship In London. They have plenty of contats with design agencies that take interns exclusively from them. It is a paid service, but at the end I did a valuable intersnhip in an agency in the center of London. Hope it helps!:thumb:
If someone applied for an internship in my company and had a good portfolio I'd snap them up. Without the good portfolio, though, I probably wouldn't be interested.