A little help for a luddite


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Im creating a small pdf field booklet for co workers, it is various pdf documents i wrote in the past along with those from others. I have used pdf combine software to create a single document i am happy with.

However I am unable to find free pdf software to create a printed booklet. Those Ive tried (There have been many) can either not create the necessary orders or scaling.

My printer HP Photosmart 5510d, can print both sides, but it doesnt do the right orders, and ordering the pages by hand as the exit the printer would take hours.

I have approx 10 booklets each with 300 pages a4 to convert be converted to 4 sides on a singles sheet of a4.

Ideally I could print the pages either one at a time and fold each over individually then stack to form booklet, or much better print out the whole lot the separate out every 20 or so sheets fold them in half and create a booklet.

I used to program electronics and know that a program to handle this wouldnt be altogether difficult, but my programming skills are very poor, and i have been unable to find a free program to do all this.

Any advice would be very appreciated.
We have a plugin to Acrobat Professional which will impose books. That's probably what you need to look for - Imposition software - but I doubt that it's free! Or you can do a manual imposition in Indesign or another publishing programme.
By '4 sides onto a single A4 sheet', do you mean you want to reduce each page down to A5 and print 2 on each side so when folded it reads like a book?...

The easiest way to do it (assuming you have access to Adobe creative suite) would be to use indesign to lay out each A5 page in numerical order then select 'Print Booklet' and send it to a postscript then use distiller to convert the .ps file to a collated .pdf file.