A drawing a day for a year...

I recently set myself the challenge of drawing a robot, every day for a whole year. This is of course in addition to any other drawing and my day job.

I'm just over three weeks in, and I feel like something good is going to come of this. Not sure what...

I had a look over these last night, they're great. Inspired me to do some drawing! Something I've not done for ages.
Well done! I started back in January doing a 'watercolour a day' while I had my cup of tea in the morning. I have not been able to keep up but I would think that I am doing at least 3 a week... It is an interesting project as you really get to see improvements in your work. I wanted something completely different to using a computer and something really 'loose'. Here's a sample!
Lovely work thisnorthernboy!

There's so many great projects like this out there, one of my favourites is Geffen Refaeli's daily doodlegram. She combines two photos hash-tagged by her instagram followers into a single sketch. Some surreal results.