A discussion on the influence of the Bauhaus movement

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Hello fellow designers and typography enthusiasts. I am doing a research project on the Bauhaus movement or more specifically, how did it influenced modern typography.

I wanted to ask some questions and get a discussion going on the importance (or UN-importance) of the Bauhaus movement in typographic design.

1 - Are you aware of the Bauhaus’s contributions to typography and design. How so?

2 - Do you see the Bauhaus typographic idealism's in modern typography? Why is this?

3 - do you feel that the Bauhaus is overrated when it comes to typographic design? Why?

4 - Is there a possibility that a new movement comes around in the near future and changes typography like the Bauhaus did over 100 years ago? Give some details on why you think this way?

I hope you find this topic as interesting as i do!


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Where it's an interesting conversation - please do your own homework.

Coming to a design forum and posing questions to copy and paste to your assignment will teach you nothing.

Go to the library. Go to the internet. Do your research. Read. Learn. Divulge your knowledge to the questions.
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