A Challenge: I could use your advice!


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Hey all,

I'm a student, and I have been set a project where the brief states that I must communicate something about rockets, (any kind), to politicians. Something they don't necessarily know.

I have to have this completed by Wednesday, and I am very confused as to where I should go with it! Any help or suggestions would be lovely!


...I am very confused as to where I should go with it! ....

I'd say you should go to space with a rocket! ~ just kidding :icon_tongue_smilie: ~

Is this an essay? a graphic design project? what are the criteria?
You need to help us to help you somehow....

I think there's massive irony in that brief! Considering Guy Fawkes went to blow up the houses of parliament and now we celebrate it by shooting rockets into the sky. Maybe you could play with that idea. Politians almost had their base in the UK destroyed and now we celebrate it with the use of rockets/fireworks etc.

Hey guys, cheers for that, sorry i didn't actually get back on this my email provider put the messages from this forum in the trash....yeah its a visual project lol that's the problem, i can do essays :S the guy fawkes idea is pretty sound actually... could be some interesting/fun ideas in that!

thanks a lot !
Just another path here!

Missile rockets etc

and from their you can bring in political wars etc

just first thing that came to my head =]
hahah, As soon as I read your brief I laughed and immediately thought of a rocket in mid air with a politician strapped to it with their hair all wired out and with their eyes popping out.

Although that might not actually go down well with them if your showing that kind of angle to it ;) perhaps you can take something from that in a light hearted manner :icon_wink: :icon_biggrin: