A bit of a mess

I have been talked into helping a friend do a website. Not my bag at all as I design for print. But have decided to help. The site is now finished but I have had trouble with the menu on the main page. I copied a CSS menu from another template I had but it don't look right on my template. Can anyone advise me on how to style it. CSS makes no sense to me. I sure it does to you though.

The site can be seen here. http://bit.ly/9zsaxP
It was me. Permissions error or something. Should be working now. Take only notice of the first page as the rest of it is only for testing.

Thanks guys.
I've mentioned this before on here, but as a print designer, it's worth taking a look at Softpress Freeway - it makes pretty descent websites using a DTP type application without messing about with too much coding and stuff.