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10 more members and we have hit the 1,000 mile stone, it would have been last week if I didn't keep deleting spammers, oh well, quality not quantity as they say. :icon_wink:

If you know of somebody that would be interested in the forum or if you have a blog, use twitter and other networking sites then give us a mention, this is greatly appreciated :icon_thumbup:

P.S Thanks to the mods and the regulars who contribute and make this forum a great place to be.


haha! do you enjoy editing my posts :p haha!

I will infact donate though, 25 Free Flyers, with free delivery and i mean that ahah! only a genuine member though! haha
Going to be offering it on our new website to everyone anyways so! haha!

cmon, one more member! haha

offtopic: hows the new layout coming along?

Pixels Ink

Slow and steady wins the race :) Better getting 1000 quality registrations rather than thousands and thousands of useless members:)


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Hi everyone :icon_smile: I must say I do feel privileged to be the 1000th member, I obviously timed my registration just right.