£600,000 offered to rebrand London


Fine if your available to go and do a presentation to the board on the 8th of Sept. :icon_thumbdown:
Seeing as they have no money in the kitty maybe they would be better off with just LONDON in a nice sans serif, or I guess they could just let a few more hospitals and schools close instead.


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It wasn't that long ago that Johnson Banks rebranded London last time!? and councils all round the country used the same concept to brand their town/city to form a recognised national scheme. Are these people just trying to waste money?
Are these people just trying to waste money?

Absolutely - they have budgets to spend, and if is not spent they don't get the same next year!

The Government has always been a real cash cow for ad and marketing agencies as they tend to write blank cheques - but that's all set to change in the next budget as the Government has to make big cuts in spending.

London is a brand attracting overseas investment and tourism so it is good to have the right image - what I don't understand though is that they could get this work done for FREE, or at least for a fraction of the price.

Imagine the Kudos - agencies would be falling over themselves to come up with the best ideas.