50s style film poster...


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Hi everyone, I'm new here, so hope I'm in the right place.

I was just wondering if anybody knew of any good tutorials for doing a 50s style film poster like singing in the rain - It's just the people I'm not sure how to do, without drawing them from scratch. Or any tips on how to get that effect.


I want to do it as a present for someone and illustrating like that isn't my forte. Any advice would be very welcome!

Thanks very much I'll try that one. I'll probably use a flattened pieced-together pic of them in that pose. Cheers!
50's style

Another way is to explore the Photoshop filters in Illustrator, of course you will have to start with
a photographic reference. Try a multicolour live trace...not quite what you want though.

I have heard of a filter called Mr Washingmachine (maybe wrong, but emulates all retro filters)?

Post your results if you will, be really interesting.


Haven't heard of Mr Washingmachine but I'll look into it, thanks... Now new jobs come up so probably won't get to do this for a week or so but will post my results if they're any good!