5 Pitfalls of Redesigning Your Website

Unlikely as it sounds, lots of companies are still ignoring their online audience. Many of the worst mistakes in website redesign happen because a company develops the wrong messaging or content, or overloads its web users with far too much information. This can put a full stop to a company’s entire inbound marketing initiative. Your website visitor and potential customer doesn’t want to be slowed down with an online manifesto about your company's products or services. They’re looking for punchy, accessible information that they can take in quickly. It’s been proven that web visitors scan information rather than reading it, as they do with print.

To summarise: web content that ignores your target audience will get ignored by your target audience.

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Its probably primarily because most companies do not understand seo and how search engines work.

i wish i could tell my clients to eachb build a blog that has some traffic, any traffic at all.. they woud get it real quick.

love a recent client who wanted to set up a sports association for europe and had already sold advertizing to various clients without having any traffic, clients, fanzone, actual sports events and so(and website).

in the end I had to fire the client as they wanted me to build their business for them....