3D Logo / 3D Programmes


Hello I want to give my logo a 3d finish and essentially a more professional look.

Does anybody know of a really good program i could download that is free to download and really is respected for what they do.

I do mean digital 3D not the red & blue glasses type.

thanks in advance
Yeah but it even if i save my logo as a PDF (no boxed background) once its been placed into illustrator it gives it white boxed background and when i try the 3D option it just makes the box 3d and not my logo... see below.


I need that grey to go, hmmmm
I didnt have a vector of my logo so i made one and put it back into illustrator, used the 3D tool and this is pretty much how it turned out.


I do like the look of Blender, thats the kind of thing i've been looking for cheers!