210x210 Showcards


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Hey everone

Could you please supply a price for 210 x 210, 400gsm Silk, 4x4 showcard (artwork supplied).

Price for 5k but if 10k isn't a great deal dearer, if you could let me know. To be delivered to Scotland.



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Thanks guys. Scarily, at the moment, printing.com is coming in cheapest. this can't be right surely? :icon_biggrin:

.. just so you know they are asking around £550 (on 5k)

Stationery Direct

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Printing.com can be o.k on some things, just beware of any extras they like to add on.

Best we can do is...

5,000 £555.00
10,000 £760.00



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Cheers Boss Man :icon_thumbup:

When I have 3 or 4 prices I will go back to the client and see which route he wants to take.