2 small things

Sorry if this has been covered I tried a search but nothing, firstly I looked for a feedback section and couldn't find it not sure if it's needed but i DID actually look for one before deciding on the Chill Out section.

The main thing I wanted to ask, is it possible to have a gallery? A car forum I use and a lot of other art forums have an upload section where you can post your work and get comments on it?
Hey James

Moved to the correct section :icon_smile:

Critiques and feedback can be sought here > Graphic Design Critique:


It was a sub forum that's why I missed it, was looking for a main forum! DUH!

It wasn't crit it was a gallery I was asking if we could have like other forums, think Behance but here, you can see examples on many Car forums that use galleries, it's something that seems to be missing from an Art forum like this