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    Packaging and Label Designer required

    Hi Kevin, I have sent you a private message concerning this job. I've included some links to my works and contact details. I look foward to hearing from you soon. Best Steve.
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    Urgent Logo Designer wanted

    Hi, Private messege sent with some details of prices and contact. Zoostation.
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    Designer/ Illustrator Required

    Hello Dan. I have sent a private message to you with some hourly rates and links to my work. I can foresee no problems providing you with this type of rendering work. Best regards Steve
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    Live Music Event Poster Design

    Hi Adam, Private message sent with links to my work etc and a rough estimate. Best Zoostation.
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    manor drawing/sketch logo from picture

    Hi Peter, I've private messaged you concerning this work. I create product based graphics (label sheet/ waterslide and tampo printing) as part of my day job and forsee no real problems with your request. Best Stephen.
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    3D Drawing of before and after

    Hello, PM sent with contact details and links to my work. Best regards
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    T-shirt design

    PM sent with a couple of questions and info...
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    On lookout for East coast Kent freelance designer

    Hi Paul, Sent PM to you regarding freelance work. I'm based in Thanet. Best regards Steve