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    Client lunch meetings - Business expense?

    A couple of times in the last year I've arranged to meet clients over lunch, and have picked up the bill. I'm happy to do this but what I'd like to know is, can I include the cost as a business expense for tax purposes? I'm not talking anything elaborate here (more's the pity!), just £40-50...
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    Graphic Design Forums Competition

    Twittered. Twitter / Mary Wright: UK Graphic Design Forums C ...
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    Rate my logo

    The idea of the surrounding/supporting arms is good and I like the top left version best. How about curving the crossbar of the f up slightly, and putting a small gap in where the curve of the p meets the ascender? It might give it a little more balance but you'd need to make sure the f and p...
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    Fotolia Premium Subscription Plan

    I subscribe to Stock Photos - Professional Royalty-Free Stock Photos by Subscription at, which has two levels of membership and is much cheaper than fotolia. Mary
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    Single page websites

    Thanks for the replies. I've changed the single-page site so it's identical to the other one. Confusing for now, I know, but I'll be busy changing all the links to Zebra so that they point to Marywright instead. I'll monitor the traffic and when the time is right the Zebra site will simply...
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    Twitter Traffic Machine

    I just recently signed up to Twitter and found a few links to sites like this which promise 1,000s of followers. I naively signed up to a couple but soon changed my mind. You'll probably see tweets from people you're following which mention these sites, but the fact is that they are generated...
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    Add your Twitter name here....

    This is me. marypwright
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    Single page websites

    A quick bit of background: I've been trading as Zebra Graphic Design for many years but now want to move away from that and just use my own name. I've registered and have only recently put anything into it. So, what I'd like to ask is this; what do you think of single-page...
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    finding a website

    C for me. Chances are the business name would be shorter than the business name, so less typing!
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    Advice on leaflet/flyer

    I recently read a post on a different forum where a marketing expert was giving advice on writing leaflets, flyers etc. She said the approach to take is to make it all about the customer, not the supplier, ie list all the tangible benefits to the customer of using your services, rather than go...
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    Designing letterheads, comp slips and business cards

    I usually design logos in Illustrator but I always produce stationery in InDesign. If you have it, I think ID would be a better option, but if not I'm sure Illustrator will be fine.
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    21 Fonts That Shouldn’t Be Free…But Are!

    Thanks, Dot, that's a really useful link.
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    What magazines do you read?

    I don't subscribe to any printed mags but scan them for articles that I'm interested in or will find useful. If there are enough, I'll buy. If not, it goes back on the shelf. I usually get the "special" issues, like Creative Review's best-of-the-year etc.
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    5 Logos Required for 5 Websites

    Hi Dan, Just sent a PM to you.
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    Ownership Issue - Kind of

    If you created it, then you own it, unless you signed over the copyright to your client. Even then, I'd say you still had the right to use it for promotional purposes