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    Graphic Design Forums Competition

    Tweet, tweet… Good luck all! Twitter / Matthew Stokes: Win prizes on Graphic Desi ...
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    iPhone rocketh! I have had my new 16GB iPhone for 3 weeks and iza very nice! When I'm jogging in the middle of nowhere, it guides me home. And then there are apps, apps, apps… (The guys here do all smack themselves in the head when I use the voice dialing though. :icon_tongue_smilie: )...
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    Photoshop Help - Please!!

    You know what would help? The shared desktop – It's why they invented it. Problems –*bringing people together :icon_biggrin:
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    finding a website

    If you know the URL then… (A) as long as it's not the longest URL in the world :icon_biggrin: otherwise (C)
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    Photoshop Help - Please!!

    That's a good one I can't really think what else could be the problem. The only thing I could suggest is to send the files for me (or anyone else) to look over. It's a lot easier to diagnose problems with the files…
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    text box problem

    Do you want me to look at the file? It's difficult to diagnose by text posts. If you want send me the file and I will take a look. Otherwise, try using the scale tool on the box, reset your prefs or make sure the text boxes are not locked. It will probably be something small like that.
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    Quark Xpress

    Old Skool We used both in the studio. It used to be that I worked on Quark for speed, as I'm 'Old Skool' and it used to be the 'Weapon of Choice' in the industry in times past, but now I am just as fast with InDesign. The guys here have different opinions. I love InDesign and use it the...
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    Opinions on Tablets

    Wacom Intuos 3 I have had a WI3 for almost two years. I think they make so many tasks easier than using a mouse. Whether you are editing photos, drawing paths, illustrating, they are brilliant. That said, I would never do away with the mouse altogether. I still use the mouse for general use...
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    Health and Safety in the Studio

    Let's face it If the worst thing we have to fear in our line of work is a paper cut or scalpel slice, I think we'll be fine and, as a few of you have pointed out, you need the experience to ensure you don't repeat the mistake again. Although that 'spray-up-the-wall' story made me wince. What...
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    Sprite Re-brand

    The Pepsi one changes depending on the product I believe the 'smile' on the new Pepsi can changes over different products. The diet smile is thinner, Max is fatter, etc.. Did you see the guff that was leaked regarding the development of the Pepsi symbol? Very funny. I mean I like to explore...
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    Designers - What's your favourite logo?

    Apple Apple's symbol – I love simple, clean design that is versatile and is instantly recognisable, without the need for any supporting text or imagery. Timeless.
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    Your logo makes me barf!

    Oh man, these are amazing, (and regarding Comic Sans). The best, worst logos I have ever seen. Truly stunning. :icon_notworthy: Comic Sans – I seem to remember years ago creative review had a competition for designers to come up with a stylish use for Comic Sans. I don't think I ever saw the...
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    Graphic Design books

    Web design books I like 'THE WEB DESIGNER'S IDEA BOOK' and the 'web design index 7'. I just like the way the example websites are ordered. Even if you don't like some of the sites, just to see them organised and in context can be really inspiring.
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    Logo Crit again please

    What are you trying to say about yourself? I think the answer to your symbol design lies there. I'm sorry but this logo doesn't seem very designed to me :icon_confused: As to the medium you use to design, you have to find what works with you. Personally I like sketching initially but...
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    Which name is easier to design

    Why these two names? Do these names have relevance? :icon_dunno: