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    Graphic Design Evening Courses - London?

    Hi I'm trying to find an evening course in graphic design preferably a Diploma. Does anyone know of any course within London?
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    A career in graphic design

    sthomas and CarmaCreative Thanks for the advice. I think i'll post some work on here later :icon_smile: I know I can't jump into a design job but I would like to work to towards one. Loads of people have career changes what ever there age. Do you know if there are any evening...
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    A career in graphic design

    I'm not sure if this is the right place so I apologise in advance.:icon_blushing: My name is Hannah and I'm 24yrs old. I really like a career in graphic design at the moment, I have a full time job as a Admin assistent in an housing company with no graphics background. I have no formal...