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    Portfolio Layout

    I would probably avoid using too many different fonts, and tone down the background green shape as it tends to bring to draw your eye to the wrong point. Other than that I think it is a good design with a lot of potential.
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    New Graphic Art portfolio - critique please

    I really like your design work and think that it is a good portfolio of what you do but you don't really explain the site anywhere, I think that to show off your portfolio of work better you could include some text.
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    DreamWeaver: How to create a template(?)

    Have you read about dreamweaver and templates? You can have the same template for all pages with editable regions on the page, updating the template is done from the central file and updates all ocassions where the template is used.
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    Funny advertising

    They are all really good, I think the goal keeper one may be a little distracting when driving - may cause accidents!!
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    How to drive Graphic Designer MAD....

    made me chuckle all good!!
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    How do I make a favicon?

    Thats really good advice, I have seen some really good animated favicons at the minute, but didn't realise that you didn't have to make them small like usual but will take on board what you have said. thanks also