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    this is a logo design for my local gym

    logo I think it suits a local gym and is going in the right direction, try not to put too much info in one place unless there is space for it. Its a bit like trying to carry those plastic large office files, only carry what you can or inevitably you will drop the lot and look silly!:icon_eek: I...
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    Thanks for the reply, yours was a nice bit of constuctive criticism but i know I will not get away that easy with some of the vultures on this forum lol no offence people!!:icon_notworthy:
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    We have just built athis website for a removals company, we gave them 3 layouts but they chose a standard layout which we have found difficult to work with. They also wanted a fancy moving video type header which was not our cup of tea either but the customer is always right!! We now need to...
  4. webasoft - Critique please

    critique Hi Guys, I guess you guys are all using Mac's!! I did say in my post that it is a Beta version and is in the process of being modified.. The wording on the orange bar at the top is to help you know where you are, if you click to different tabs it will briefly tell you at the...
  5. webasoft - Critique please

    webasoft Thanks Suzy! What browser are you in so we can rectify that problem you mentioned? Thanks for the feedback, i know what you mean about the tabs they do make you want to click them.. We need to work on the site more but will hopefully get it to where we want it to be.. Thanks...
  6. webasoft - Critique please please send me some feedback about our website, we have it on as a beta version at the moment but require some honest feedback... Regards Chris:icon_thumbup:
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    Celebrity Re-Brand

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    well hosting and expensive is not working for us at the moment!
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    can somebody tell me a good/cheap hosting company??? not and not fasthosts.... cheers:icon_Wall:
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    Looking for Graphic Designer to volunteer for free

    free website "Whatever your business, you can't ask for or say things like this!" :icon_Wall:
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    logo design issue?

    No, The job is worth over 9k i was just making a point that the company would be using it and gaining money and credibility whilst we got peanuts!!:icon_tongue_smilie:
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    logo design issue?

    Thanks guys!!!!
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    logo design issue?

    Thanks for that mate, i thought as much! i just have one of my designers acting up and i wanted to sort it and shut him up... it will be interesting to see what others think about it? my guess is that customers will think the opposite to the designer!!!!:icon_lol:
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    logo design issue?

    Hi, I have a company who require a full bespoke website, logo and everything. They are International house and commercial moving specialists so their wagons etc will have this logo on and will be seen all over. Now, i have quoted the client for the website and logo (to go on the website) My...
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    business cards to print

    biz cards Hi, We do credit card style cards for £160 for 250, £199 for 500 we can provide artwork for an extra £30. prices are +vat:icon_rolleyes: paypal